Thursday, June 28, 2012

 Yesterday I received a letter from Berriquita in Spain ^-^ I love all the things in the envelope alot! She send me a little letter-book, a beauty heart and random things!
I can't wait to send a letter to her, So, I hope she receive soon!!

Next two come from Russia :) I love the vintage postcards! It's curious because this comes from two different people, the same country, arrieved the same day and they sent a similar postcards! ^^

 She sent me a postcard of a famous church in Russia and some stamps! <3 Thank you Sofia!


  1. Awesome mail! I love vintage postcards too and those are fabulous! :) Happy mail day :D

  2. Yay, I'm glad your letter from Spain arrived- it looks like she sent some really fun stuff! :)

  3. Yeah she sent me that letter but is a swap between she and I. no for CC, I'm waiting for that letter!

  4. Hello! My name's David and I'm from Poland (Country in Central Europe). If you want to be my pen-pal write on my e-mail: :] Have a nice day! ^^