Monday, May 28, 2012

Hi everyone!

This morning I found some letters in the mail box of my neighbor -.- I dont have an idea about what are doing mi mail in his mail, but anyway! I recovered my postcards :)

I start with the stamps, I love philately, but I dont encourage  to collect it formally, it's Much time would have to invert in this collection... maybe someday I could do!
Next it's a postcard who my best friend brought me from cancun!

This is a peculiar postcard who I recieved from 14x9 it's a really really nice Tumblr where you leave your adress and choose a random adress and make a weird swap! In this case, I recieved this amazing vintage postcard from a island in Canada!

And this three are from my friend in puebla :) He send me a card from wherever him goes!

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